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A reference point for the non-destructive testing sector

For over 40 years Casoni has been researching, developing and creating solutions in the Non - Destructive Testing field. Over the years, the company has grown, upgraded and expanded to the current 1.000 square meters of production area. The modern structure and the innovative technology of the machinery, combined with the technicians experience and know-how have brought the company to the maximum levels of quality and efficiency.




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Casoni has been chosen for the production of eddy current sensors used by Marposs for their control systems. For over 40 years Casoni has been working closely with Marposs to continuously improve their performance.


GE SENSING & INSPECTION TECHNOLOGIES GmbH – Macchine per controllo ad UT

Casoni and GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies have entered a partnership in Italy for the GE testing machine product line on various fields.
Casoni was appointed by GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies – UT testing Machines as:
- Official value- added reseller and approved service provider in Italy for the USIP 40 product line.
- Sales representative (agent) of GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies – UT Testing Machines in Italy.
- Approved supplier for components and assemblies that optimize the great characteristics of the GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies Testing machines.



Kuka Roboter Italia S.p.A is the only supplier for Casoni of industrial robots. Casoni uses in their systems Kuka products and develops interface software to improve the usability of the system. The constant development of Kuka products creates advanced solutions in the Non destructive testing field.



    CHAT-PL is a system designed for the ultrasonic control of railway axles: possibility to execute scan processes on hollow axles both in production and/or normal use phase. CHAT-PL can perform inspections parallel or orthogonal to the train thanks ...

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  • ISS-1500SQ

    ISS-1500SQ is an automatic system designed for the inspection of mechanical components in immersion. The maximum work volume is of 1500x1500x400 mm. The machinery is composed by a tank containing the coupling liquid necessary for the scan process....

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  • UTS1-750: Ultrasonic testing system

    UTS1-750 is an automatic system designed for the non-destructive ultrasonic inspections of mechanical parts with medium/small dimensions. The maximum scan volume is of 750 x 500 x 350 mm. The part is positioned on the supporting plan prepared i...

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