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CHAT-PL is a system designed for the ultrasonic control of railway axles: possibility to execute scan processes on hollow axles both in production and/or normal use phase.

CHAT-PL can perform inspections parallel or orthogonal to the train thanks to its support arm.

The system is composed by an external varnished structure with housing for electrical cabinet, an hydraulic system for oil recirculation and filtering, UT instrument, electronic equipment and vertical linear axis.

It is equipped with a motorized Z axis with inverter and safety "double screw-nut".
Support arm with maximum length of 1500 mm and range of motion of 180° around the Z axis.

The probe holder can contain from 2 to 10 probes (± 45 ° 4 MHz OT) (custom configurations available on request).

The system is available in 3 configurations: CHAT-PL for use in production line, CHAT-PL with transpallet structure base suitable for use in maintenance and production phase, and CHAT-PL with electric cart suitable for use in storage areas and for railway track crossing.
The three configurations respectively have the following external dimensions: 1320x800x2180, 1320x800x2380, 2020x860x2600.
The three configurations respectively have the following useful strokes: from 200 to 1130 mm, from 200 to 1340 mm, from 200 to 1600 mm

Conformity according to the EMC norms and standards.

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