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National and International level major collaborations

The acquired know-how during the years in the NDT industry (especially in the production of probes and in the design of automatic systems) and the knowledge of technicians, make CASONI SRL skillfully, capable and able to attract the interest of world-leading companies such as Waygate Technologies and KUKA ROBOT ITALIA.


Waygate Technologies

Casoni and Waygate Technologies have entered a partnership in Italy for the Waygate Technologies testing machine product line on various fields.
Casoni was appointed by Waygate Technologies – UT testing Machines as:
- Official value- added reseller and approved service provider in Italy for the USIP 40 product line.
- Sales representative (agent) of Waygate Technologies – UT Testing Machines in Italy.
- Approved supplier for components and assemblies that optimize the great characteristics of the Waygate Technologies Testing machines.



Kuka Roboter Italia S.p.A is the only supplier for Casoni of industrial robots. Casoni uses in their systems Kuka products and develops interface software to improve the usability of the system. The constant development of Kuka products creates advanced solutions in the Non destructive testing field.

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