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Non-destructing testing sector solutions

CASONI SRL always focuses its attention on the customer's requests, creating specific products, able to completely satisfy the current inspecting process situation. Successively to the start of the collaboration between CASONI SRL and Waygate Technologies, CASONI SRL is able to generate also standard products for design and dimension (UTS Systems). Nonetheless, they still offer a high percentage of customization thanks to the possibility to install one of the many accessories available.


UTS1-500D is an automatic system designed for the non-destructive ultrasonic inspections of mechanical parts.

The part is positioned on the supporting plan prepared inside the tank manually by the operator.

Peculiarity of this configuration is the double depth of the tank compared to a standard configuration.

The machinery is composed by a tank containing the coupling liquid necessary for the scan process. The hydraulic filtering and UV sterilizing system work to maintain the tank water clean.

The scan volume is protected with fix perimeter barreir for three sides. The front side is open for unloading/load procedures of the test objects as well for manual adjustment of the probe. The front side crossing is monitored by a safety light curtains couple.

UTS1-500D system is available in different configurations:

• UTS1-500_Lite_D-Z_Man_D
• UTS1-500_Lite_D-Z_Mot
• UTS1-500_Lite_D-Z_Mot_D
• UTS1-500_Full_D-Z_Man_D
• UTS1-500_Full_D-Z_Mot
• UTS1-500_Full_D-Z_Mot_D
• UTS1-500_Full_D-ZA_Mot
• UTS1-500_Full_D-ZA_Mot_D
• UTS1-500_Full_D-ZAB_Mot
• UTS1-500_Full_D-ZAB_Mot_D

with the following supply:

• X axis: motorized
• Y axis: motorized
• Z axis: manual/motorized
• Z axis: standard/deep
• A axis (optional): manual/motorized
• B axis (optional): manual
• Deep tank

Conformity according to the EMC norms and standards.

Note Tank Material: Passivated stainless steel
Frame Material: Powder coated carbon steel (RAL 7047)
Safety Protection: Acrylic fences (3 sides of the tank) + Safety light curtains (front side) + Rope emergency switch (three sides of the tank) + Emergency button (HMI)
Maximum Scanning Volume (X, Y, Z): 500 x 500 x 700 mm


X Axis:
Max Range: 500 mm
Max speed: 200 mm/s
Motor type: Stepper motor
Transmission type: Timing belt
Y Axis:
Max Range: 500 mm
Max speed: 200 m/s
Motor type: Stepper motor
Transmission type: Timing belt
Z Axis (mototized):
Max range: 700 mm
Max speed: 100 mm/s
Motor type: Stepper motor
Transmission type: Timing belt
A axis:
Max rotation range: 190°
Manual rotation angle step along Z axis: 0°, 190°
Max speed: 0 <= x <= 10 mm/s
Motor type: Stepper motor
Transmission type: Timing belt
B axis:
Max rotation range: 90°
Manual rotation angle step: 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°

Interface for modules: Included
HMI: Included
Power Consumption: 3 kVA
Power Supply: 230Vac-50Hz (Single phase) or 400V-50Hz (Three Phase)
PC forniture: 1x PC, 2x Monitor, 1x Mouse, 1x Keyboard
Water circulation system: Filobioactive sera 400+UV
Flow: 1100 l/h max
Water connections: 3x hose for 20 mm pipes, thread ¾“
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