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Non-destructing testing sector solutions

CASONI SRL always focuses its attention on the customer's requests, creating specific products, able to completely satisfy the current inspecting process situation. Successively to the start of the collaboration between CASONI SRL and Waygate Technologies, CASONI SRL is able to generate also standard products for design and dimension (UTS Systems). Nonetheless, they still offer a high percentage of customization thanks to the possibility to install one of the many accessories available.


RO-600 is a module for the automatic system UTS1 designed for the ultrasonic inspection of mechanical parts with medium/small dimensions. The maximum work volume is of Ø200 x 600 mm.

The module can be easily installed in the tank thanks to the main plate and four adjustable and regulating feet with a standard tank interface.

RO-600_S permits the axial and horizontal rotation of cylindrical parts.
The rotating motion is generated by a stepper motor and controlled by incremental encoder.

The module will be installed on the system only connecting it to the electrical cabinet using the related connector.

Conformity according to the EMC norms and standards.

Note Material: Stainless steel
External dimensions: 1200, 600, 605 mm
Weight: 100 kg
Max. part sizes: Ø200 x 600 mm
Min. part sizes: Ø20 x 100 mm
Max. payload: 50 kg

Motor type: Stepper motor
Transmission type: Timing belt T5
Max. range: 360° (continuous)
Max. tangential speed: 200 mm/s
Resolution: 0.01 mm

Flat plane accossory for flat plane scan: Standard CSP-00858 (800, 600, 20 mm)
Flat scan volume resulting: 750 x 500 x 200 mm
Reduction of X axis displacement: 0 mm
Reduction of Y axis displacement: 0 mm
Reduction of Z axis displacement: 150 mm
Roller diameter: 60 mm
Roller distance in position 1: 65 mm
Roller distance in position 2: 110 mm
Roller surface material: Rubber coated
Roller type: Solid
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