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Non-destructing testing sector solutions

CASONI SRL always focuses its attention on the customer's requests, creating specific products, able to completely satisfy the current inspecting process situation. Successively to the start of the collaboration between CASONI SRL and Waygate Technologies, CASONI SRL is able to generate also standard products for design and dimension (UTS Systems). Nonetheless, they still offer a high percentage of customization thanks to the possibility to install one of the many accessories available.

Krautkrämer USIP|xs CV ESSENTIAL

The Krautkrämer USIP|xs Essential is the ultimate operating ultrasonic electronic for Testing Machines, and it offers the complete function range of a single- or multichannel ultrasonic instrument with PC support. The connection to the ultrasonic part is achieved via a high-performance Ethernet link switch where USIP|xs is to be connected, which enables a separate arrangement of ultrasonic and operation sections. The 19” rack housing styles which is used for proper housing into cabinets and is best solution for high channel configuration, making USIP|xs configuration varying from 2channels up to 96 with communication cables link.

Due to the consistent use of digital signal processing systems (DSPs and FPGAs) the essential functions of the USIP|xs are purely digital and can therefore be reproduced. Rectification, A-scan presentation, and evaluation are calculated and are consequently superior to any other system.
In the flaw-testing mode of operation there are four adjustable gates available which are independent of each other; in addition to this Gate 1 can also be used as an echo start gate in immersion testing. The readings are displayed in real-time. Numerous capabilities enable high testing speeds even during unfavorable ambient conditions.

A system for ultrasonic NDT technique using the USIP|xs may contains of 1 to 8 USIP|xs instruments. Via Ethernet connection the accumulated data is transmitted through a network switch to the host computer. The operator can access the data via a GUI on the host computer and evaluate them.

The highest degree of reliability and data accuracy is guaranteed by the extensive number of tests. The Krautkrämer USIP|xs is tested based on the following standards:
• Ultrasonic electronic calibration per EN ISO 22232-1 Group 2
• Ultrasonic standard ASTM E317 (Optional Certificate of Calibration upon request)
• Temperature IEC 68-3-1 Aa. Bb
• Climate IEC 68-2-30 Db
• Vibration IEC 68-2-6 Fc
• Shock IEC 68-2-27 Ea
• Sealing IEC 68-2-27 Ea
• Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) directive 2014/30/EU
• Low voltage directive (LVD) 2014/35/EU

Note Krautkrämer USIP|xs Box Specifications

• 19“Rack mount or desktop housing

• Operation and evaluation via separate PC

• Number of channels Essential Line: 2, 4, 8, 12 or multi box 16, 24, 36

• 3HU height

• Weight: Box: less than 10.0 kg

• Number of channels: 2, 4 , 8 or 12 in max. 20 multiplex cycles with Multi-Box solution for up to 96 channels

• Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF): System PRF 4 Hz <= PRFSys <= 20 kHz - Channel PRF PRFchannel = PRFSys/number of cycles

• Negative Unipolar Transmitter
Voltage: 25V, 200 V
Voltage steps: 5V
Fall Time: <10ns
Pulser Width: 30-1000ns
Maximum Time Delay: 0 to 40,000 ns
Time delay resolution: 2.5ns
IP delay: 0 to 1000&#61549;s
Probe matching: <25&#61527;,
Dual mode: On/Off
• Receiver
Nb. of receivers available: up to 4
Simultaneously Max Input Voltage: 3.4Vpp
Frequency range: 0.7 MHz to 13 MHz (-3 dB)
Narrow band filter: 1.00 MHz, 2.00 MHz, 2.25MHz, 4.00 MHz, 5.00 MHz, 10.0MHz
Broad band filter: 1.00 MHz, 2.00 MHz, 2.25MHz, 4.00 MHz, 5.00 MHz, 10.0MHz
Wide band filter: 1.0-5.0 MHz, 8,0-12,0 MHz, 2.5-16 MHz (-3 dB)
Custom filter: 8 customizable digital filters with upper and lower CutOff frequency
Gain: 80 dB in 0.5 dB steps - 1 main Gain + 3 local Gains (Gate)
Fine adjustment: 1 dB in 10 steps
Suppression: 0 – 80% screen height
TCG: 96 dB at 12 dB/&#61549;s, 16 curve points per cycle
Backwall echo reduction: Higher dynamic range by parallel amplifier
RF analog output: 1Vpp at 50 &#61527;
Rectification: Full wave, half wave pos., half wave neg., RF

• Sound velocity: 500 – 20000 m/s - Note! All data given in mm are related to a sound velocity of 5920 m/s

• Digitizing rate: 400 MHz real-time, 9 bit

• Display
A-scan: 512 or 1024 pixels
Range: 1 mm to 15 m in 0.1 mm steps
Start: - 10 mm to 15 m in 0.1 mm steps
Display start: Initial pulse, interface echo
A-scan memory: Stored and active A-scan overlay.

• Display channels: Maximum of 2 independent A-scan windows can be opened from different or the same cycles.

• Evaluation gates: Individually adjustable for each cycle
Gate display: Bars indicate Start, Width and Threshold
Number: 5 evaluation gates, of these 1 is an echo start gate
Thresholds: 1 per gate, coincidence, or anticoincidence
Flaw reduction: Counter 1 - 16
Trigger: Initial pulse or interface echo
Range: 0.1 mm to 15 m in 0.1 mm steps
Start: 0 mm to 15 m in 0.1 mm steps

• Evaluation
Resolution - amplitude: 0.5% of display range
Resolution - wall thickness: 2.5 ns corresponding to 0.007 mm

• Wall thickness measurement modes
Measurement between: Interface Echo and Gates A, or A to B
Start/Stop with: Zero transition – selection of the phase is independent for Start and Stop - Flank - Echo peak
Tolerance monitor: 4 wall thickness values Min. and Max. per cycle

• Data output
Measurement value: Max. amplitude - Min./Max. wall thickness
Alarm signals: Threshold, Min./Max. WT

• Analog outputs
Number: 8 free for cycle and value (act./ Min./ Max.) - Programmable
Wall thickness: 0 to 10 V, 12 bit resolution
Echo amplitude: 0 to 10 V, 12 bit resolution

• Alarm outputs
Number: 10, free for cycle and threshold - programmable
Flaw threshold: TTL coincidence/anticoincidence
WT tolerance monitor: TTL over and under a wall thickness range

• Test data release
Number of input: for each test channel - programmable

• Encoder inputs
Numbers: 4 encoder inputs multiplexed to 2 channels

• Parameters which can be changed from cycle to cycle:
Frequency filter
Gates Start, Width, Threshold and IF-Start
Display Start and Range
Flaw reduction counter
Wall thickness measurement mode

• Power supply: 24VDC ±10%

• Power consumption
Box: Max 130W

• Storage temperature: -20&#61616;C to +70&#61616;C

• Operating temperature: 5&#61616;C to 40&#61616;C

• Altitude: 3000m

• Maximum relative humidity: 50% to 80%

• Pollution degree: 2

• Protection: IP54 with protection caps or terminated with connectors

• Connections- Box
Probes: Lemo 1 or BNC COAX/TRIAX
I/O:SUB D 78 pin plug

• Dimensions (H×W×D)
Box: 132 mm (3 U) × 490 mm × 490 mm without external plastic case
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